We will make life easy for you. Don’t wonder, just ask us what you need and we will climb trees, roll around in flowers and throw stars just for you. (we aim to please). We love what we do and want you to feel the love when you receive one of our beautiful children’s clothing products.

Cheapest Australian Postage: We get your organic children’s clothing to you as easy as possible.

Flat rate postage in Australia = $5

Flat rate outside Australia / overseas = $20

Overseas customers: If you prefer we obtain a quote for postage please let us know in your comments/instructions at Checkout and we will charge or refund you the difference. New Zealand customers, your postage may be worth us requesting a quote.

Despatch from OBHQ is always within 1 to 2 days. Arrival to you of course depends on where YOU are! Snail Mail is one of our ‘friends’ and he looks forward to visiting you and your child so pop their name in comments / instructions and we’ll even address their special package to them!

Children love to receive mail and learning to write and recognize their name is a great start to reading and writing. We welcome letters written by your little one.

GST: As our organic children’s clothing has interest from the United States, U.K, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and many other countries, we have quoted all prices EXCLUDING GST (an Australian tax). As soon as you hit checkout it will add GST for Australian customers and continue to exclude it for overseas purchases. We will upgrade our site to include or exclude GST depending on where the customer is visiting the site from.

Currency converstion will occur when paying at Checkout via Paypal and the amount will be deducted from your Paypal account in your currency.

Payment part of the purchase automatically directs you to Paypal for a secure and world renowned checkout process. If you prefer to pay over the phone we have merchant facilities that can take your credit card details so just give us a call or contact us. You can send us a cheque in the mail or direct credit into our bank account by contacting us.

Gift wrapping is on the house! We deliver presents direct to the lucky new owner of their Organic Boy or Girl clothing,  so be sure to tell us the delivery address, separate to your address.

Toilet training: What a lucky munchkin is he or she to be decked out for the week in organic undies! To celebrate let us know you’re training and we’ll send you some stickers to celebrate their very ‘organic’ achievement!


What’s 100%?: Our cotton fabric IS 100% certified organic cotton. Elastic, buttons, zips, embroidery– aren’t. These are normal and accepted processes by the organic powers that be. The beauty of when you hear ‘certified’ is you know its gone through a process to verify its standards.

Made in Australia

Here’s a list of the local people kept in local jobs:

Garments manufactured in 2 factories, Melbourne, Australia.

Labels made in Melbourne, Australia.

Screen printing is water based and all done in Melbourne, Australia.

Embroidery – Melbourne, Australia

Commercial laundry – Melbourne, Australia

Business cards and swing tickets – 100% post consumer recycled paper and printed with vegetable dye – Melbourne, Australia

Is our cotton grown in Australia? When possible – yes. Most of our T shirts, long sleeve T’s and underwear are made from Australian grown organic cotton, we call this cotton gold because it is so rare to produce and special. As far as we know there is 1 organic cotton farmer in NSW, Australia but it’s not possible to always have cotton grown here as we don’t have the enormous amount of water / rainfall, that it takes to grow cotton. This is why we are so passionate about organic cotton, as it takes so much irrigation and water reserves to grow everyday cotton. When cotton is naturally unavailable here (no rainfall) our supplier purchases cotton on the open market. This could be from a variety of countries that have monsoonal rain and the natural elements we need to grow cotton without using precious water reserves in Australia. We love that we use what nature gives us instead of man-made mass produced convenience.

Fair trade: We believe in supporting local people in local jobs, here in Australia. We still love the support of Fair Trade because we wonder why it can cost as little as 40 cents for a human to make a t shirt, how much must they get paid? People all around us are driven by cheaper prices, how often we hear of people loving cheap brands because they look cute and all for $10! This comes at a cost so we support local for many reasons but one is that we know we pay fairly for the human work effort.

When we purchase cotton on the open market, this is largely from small farmers that pool together their resources to sell on that open market. The organic certification process ensure that farmers are paid fair wage for their work. Above all, organic cotton farmers don’t have the dangerous health threats in their daily lives. Remember, pesticides are known and proven by the EPA to contain carcinogens causing cancer. Ouch!

China vs Australia: The price difference

Would you believe its costs us 10 times more to produce something here than in China. 0.40c to make there is $4 here. Add the washing, dyeing, screen printing, ticketing and trims on top and now you know why it’s much more to produce locally. We think it’s worth it!

Pricing: Our outstanding quality organic T shirts, jeans and underwear garments will sit on the shelf next to the top children’s boutique brands at the same price, Made in Australia and Organic Cotton next to overseas made and non organic. That’s value you can compare!

Sizing: First of all, if it’s the wrong size post it to us and we’ll swap it over no problem. Secondly I would always buy up a size if you are really not sure, better they grow ‘in’ than grow ‘out’ of it. Our sizes are generous so the kids get more wear out of them. Some styles are smaller than others. The long sleeve T’s are probably the narrowest cut whereas the short sleeve T’s are very generous particularly the girls because you have the added A line shape and wide neck.

Size 1-2 means for a 1-2 year old. If the child is 2 ½ years old think about their build ie slight, chubby, average and take it from there. The jeans are very generous and have an adjustable waistband. The underwear is right on! If you’re not sure still – hit Contact us!

Colour: Our colours are so vivid and it’s still organic. Dyes always have a chemical element to them other than vegetable dyes, but these have difficulty holding up commercially (they fade quickly). We chose colour because we are clothing children and it’s a wonderful way to colour their world. To do this safely we choose to follow the Global Organic Textile Standard guidelines and our dyer changes some of their process for us to do so. We are proud that our dyer recycles their water and is checked by the EPA. This way we give you a colourful product for your child AND consider environmental impact at the same time.

For kids who have sensitive skin, you will always find a natural, undyed kids T shirt in EVERY style. Please let us know if you want plain T shirts without a screen print and we will hold out from our next production the number that you need.

Plastic: Did you know that most clothing when made is pressed, THEN folded AND stuffed into a plastic bag – individually? It then makes its way to the store where it’s unpacked, pressed again and where do you think those plastic bags go? Don’t even factor in the plastic hanger yet which often end up in the bin also.

We know the damaging effect of plastic on our environment so Organic Boy | Girl choose to NOT do this. We take extra care and time to have our kids clothing pressed and hung, transported on hangers without packaging and hung at HQ ready for delivery to you. No double pressing, no wastage of power. What do we use for hangers? 100% post consumer recycled card. Yeah!

The blue in the blue jeans: Our denim fabric doesn’t have fixing agents and other harmful stuff. So we’ve included a tag that reminds you to leave the natural coloured products away from the jeans until after they’ve had a few turns in the wash. If you’re not sure just wash the jeans with navy’s only for a few washes before teaming it up with natural undies, singlets or T’s. It won’t be forever but we thought you’d thank us for the tip. Our Organic Boy is now wearing his natural organic boy undies with his denim jeans, we think it took about 3 washes.

What about big kids (size 7 plus)?

Please join our Club so that we can keep you updated with the latest news. We take your feedback seriously and are looking at larger sizes and choosing which styles right now. So if you know you want it, drop us a line and/or join the Club.