The Creator

The brain behind the brand says: after slaving away 15 hours a day at a major bank, having children changed me (never heard that before huh?).

With a fashion conscience for my groovy kids I thought to create my own gear – no mission was too big.

So I scanned the internet looking for fabric and organic cotton kept drawing me in and I thought why – YES!

So then it began as there were no cool clothes for boys, skeleton prints and graffiti over and over again.

So I met the most amazing illustrator, T***** (it’s a secret, don’t ask), with cool ‘tude and he was part of the organic boy brand forever.

One phone call to another lead me to my ‘corner office 2IC’ (when we get there) pattern maker / rag trade adviser / quality control chick one could ever hope for Lynne.

My mentor the ‘cleverfox‘ helped me uncover stones I never thought could be turned and then Organic boy and Organic girl the brands were born.

So who am I? A mum, a wife, a kinder mum and businesswoman rolled into one.  I love my friends and family, the colour purple, chocolate pudding and the sound of children giggling hysterically.

A message to mums following this: You can do anything and be anyone you choose to be (heard it all before?) Then as Nike would say ‘Just Do It!’