Who is Organic Boy?

Who is this Organic Boy character?

Organic Boy is cheeky and he’s curious about the world around him.

He tries his best to be good, but what can we say, he’s a boy AND he’s human after all! Mums say he’s gorgeous, Dads say he’s cool, he knows the way to his mother’s heart (and the girls love him), he’s a leader to his friends and tough out on the field.

Organic Boy is all that we want our kids to be. We want him to run, jump, be active, laugh out loud, love and be loved. He’s into everything, into life itself, he demolishes a hearty meal and he’s ready for his next adventure.

Organic boy asks us to choose wisely for him and his friends.  Parents have the power to buy organic, and support farmers who do the hard work employing nature saving processes to produce natural products. Utilising our earth, sun, rainfall, soil, creepies, crawlies all work together as nature intended.  It’s a beautiful thing, why risk it?

Watch closely as Organic Boy jumps into new adventures. This season he’ll Shoot for the Stars, challenge Organic Girl to a Scooter Race and chill out Swinging on Trees.

Snap Profile:
Loves eating: Apples (up to 3 a day!)
Favourite meal: Scrambled eggs (or eggies).
Loves doing: Dancing to Michael Jackson