Who is Organic Girl?

Organic Girl is ready to make her entrance.

She’s not a shy girl (but she can pretend if that will help her get her way!)

She keeps up with Organic Boy, he thinks he’s always a step ahead, but don’t underestimate her she’s got the brains and the strength to get what she wants. You won’t forget her.

She’s a fashionista at her best and she’ll prove there’s no need to be pretty in pink all the time. When she is around there’s no guessing who gets the attention.

Organic Girl is all that we want our girls to be. To carve their mark on the world, be strong and resistant. Defend themselves yet retain their girly sweetness. We want her to run, jump, be active, giggle out loud, love and be loved. She’s into everything and she loves her mums cooking, she’ll finish her meal in no time and beg until she’s excused. She’s ready for her next adventure. (and Organic Boy is waiting around the corner – he always eats quicker!).

Organic girl asks us to choose wisely for her and her friends.  A little effort will leave a big mark for their future. She loves running around under the sun (with UV protection of course) rolling down a grassy hill, running through a field of flowers, she loves the warmth of the sun on her skin, rainfall with its gentle breeze, soil between her fingers. It’s a beautiful thing, why risk it? Oh, and she looooooves music, any kind of music put it on and she’s groovin’ and dancin’ away. Dreaming of a far away place where it’s green and dotted with flowers to roll around in.

Snap Profile:
Loves eating: Bananas
Favourite meal: Spaghetti Bolognese (or sghetti’s).
Loves doing: Drawing flowers and rolling around in the grass.