Why We Do What We Do

Did you know about our promise to get more organic on your skin?

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Any combination Boys and Girls / Short and Long sleeves.

So, the more organic we do the better for the kids and the planet. No idle chatter here, we get behind that dream and offer you amazing discounts to get more organic on their skin.

Want a challenge? Try starting your own children’s clothing brand with huge competition from major players. Put in organic cotton in its natural state, straight out of protective triple packaging (when it first arrived I was too scared to open it), not fumigated, and grown by rainfall, sunshine and the help of the birds and the bees. (Well not like that!). Some cotton has even been grown in Australia! Which considering our limited rainfall is absolutely amazing so thank you to our fabric guy, Peter, who is an absolute master of organic information and protection of organic cotton standards. His support is precious. This is why we call our stuff cotton gold created for mums and dads with a savvy art for buying precious stuff for their kids.

We thought it was time kids clothing had an overhaul?  Here at OBHQ mass produced stuff makes us question why we would rather get something cheap and don’t care how the world got it there? I mean we understand that we all have different size piggie banks but do we truly do anything to get the cheapest deal. Never mind the pollution, cheap labour and the fact that our Australian textile industry now resembles a ghost town! The stories I can tell you…….BUT we are human after all and overseas manufacturing is now a fact of life, so lets be real – we may hunt for a bargain but we can make small changes to our habits along the way. So our clothing is based on great basics to make it accessible to everyone, long sleeve T’s all year round so you’ll always have something great to put under whatever YOU choose to put on top. Don’t sweat it! Our little boys and girls try to be the best that they can – and so do we.

Our stuff is proudly made locally. Find a full list of what goes into them in Melbourne, Australia at FAQ’s.

It wouldn’t be kids clothing without colour and some excitement so our dyeing adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standards for the safest and lowest impact result. Our dyer in Victoria is doing it right by the EPA and has massive tanks on their property that recycles their water.

Active gear, for active kids. Our clothes are made for children that engage in life and parents who want their kids to get out and live it! Giggling loudly, little heads bobbing behind bushes, laughing, rolling down grassy hills, wet puddle splashing footprints running through your house. We make our clothes for every little superhero/ess sleeping safely in your house.