Blog: Organic Boy|Girl launch

Organic Boy|Girl launch

Posted on Friday 4th September, 2009

Kylie Kwong and Tobie Puttock weren’t the only people making an entrance at the Organic Expo this year. Although I love them dearly, I was so excited I couldn’t even concentrate on their presentations but to give them a quick smile (and a wink) backstage. So I thought our launch was a headline in itself! Maybe we’re a little biased.

Organic Girls get ready for action at the Organic Expo

Organic Girls get ready for action at the Organic Expo

Organic Boy and Girl had been busy practicing their lines and trying to take turns centre stage (they have difficulty doing this without anyone getting hurt). We had such fun showing the public our beautifully soft organic cotton denim jeans, underwear and T shirts that I wouldn’t leave the stand to eat my lunch and I dont think I ever went to the ladies! It was too much fun talking to our fans. Mums and dads snapped up the jeans and told us they were so tired of stiff jeans that looked and felt so uncomfortable. Organic mums and dads who knew their stuff commented on how they were so pleased to see cool organic underwear without elastane in it.

Whats in our lovely pizza bozes? Underwear of course!

Whats in our lovely pizza bozes? Underwear of course!

I also loved meeting those dedicated members of Organic society like Catriona MacMillan, founder of the Organics Directory and a board member of the Organic Federation of Australia who was pleased we are very clear about our labelling and make claims that are accurate and not misleading. Remember the Trust Organic fortnight, October 2-18 October 2009 sponsored by OFA raising awareness of the Organic world.

You could say my passion is definitely in my fashion (sorry Henry Roth, I am a major Project Runway fan), having created an Australian made childrens clothing line in organic cotton with water based prints, Global Organic Textile Standard dyeing processes, environmentally conscious hangers, a transport system that limits the use of plastic and double handling and most of all thats fun and funky for kids that get out there and enjoy life.

If you’ve got an Organic Boy or Girl, we want to know about them. Email and tell us how they ARE Organic Boy or Girl to win a short or long sleeve T of your choice valued at $41.00 rrp (incl gst).

Ciao for now Bella

love Organic Girl xx

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi Christine,

    The expo really highlighted the quality of your garments in both style and manufacture. Not only are your clothes funky but you have really gone to great lengths to ensure that they are manufactured, transported and displayed according to the organic ethos. A lot of the other stall holders had clothes manufactured overseas and wrapped in individual plastic packaging! Great work and I wish you the success you deserve.

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