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The Birds & the Bees Baby Blanket for Boys - 90 x 100cm

Baby’s sleeping like  a dream in his pram, snug under his Birds  & the Bees organic fleece blanket.  Now all thats left is a gentle transfer to the car and straight into his cot at home.  You can do it all with this very special blanket. Suitable for the basinette, cot, pram, car and even a beautifully warm large wrap for the winter.
It’s the ideal travel blanket due to its perfect weight and size. Even on a hot night this’ll be the blanket of choice with its perfect weight for all seasons. Breathe in its purity as there’s nothing purer you can place near their little noses.
Soft brushed organic cotton with our designer print will be your childs favourite blankie for many years.
We love bringing the Birds  & the Bees into your home for many sweet stories, as we learn to protect our earth and leave natures work to our little friends.

Price: $53.60
Price: $35.00 AUD (excl. GST)