Boys Organic Long Sleeve Tees

Organic Boy Long Sleeve T-shirt - Stars

Colour: Navy. White print.

Reach for the Stars! If kids could they’d grab those stars and give them a good throwing around. Organic Boy shows us how it’s done.  Have a good look at the stars and you’ll notice how many points on them? What does this mean? What familiar pattern can you see?…. Anyone who knows – shoot us an email and we’ll send you a surprise with your purchase!


Price: $37.27 AUD (excl. GST)
Organic Boy Long Sleeve T-shirt - Scooter

Colour: Natural, undyed. Navy and Red print.

Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric. It’s a must for leg-propelled stuntmen out there. The print is water-based and we’ll tell you a secret… Organic Girl loves to wear it too…. when she’s racing Organic Boy to the finishing line! Whooooosh watch out!


Price: $37.27 AUD (excl. GST)