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Organic Boy Undie/Singlet Pack - 2 items

Contains 1 singlet PLUS 1 undie in natural Organic Cotton undyed, untouched.

Organic cotton kids undies / underwear contains no elastane, just pure 100% certified organic cotton fabric as with all our clothing. The softest elastic on the waist, comfy rib bind leg opening that we wish we had on our undies. Water based print of Organic Boy throwing stars. We love the brand name on the outside so theres nothing scratchy on their waist.

Our organic cotton rib childrens singlets cover their bottom without sliding up! This leaves all other children’s singlets in the dust! How soft? We challenge you to find anything softer ever! This is the organic cotton real deal.

Great gift idea. Our Organic Cotton underwear is presented to you in a brown kraft unbleached pizza box!


Price: $26.36 AUD (excl. GST)