Girls Organic Long Sleeve Tees

Organic Girl Long Sleeve T-shirt - Tree

Colour: Natural Undyed. Red tree / Pink text print.

Weeeeeee…The best place to be after a long day of adventures is up a tree swinging and talking to Twee Bird. Just hang onto that branch Organic Girl because Organic Boy is on his way to bump you off! Who said that? Tree, are you talking to me?


Price: $37.27 AUD (excl. GST)
Organic Girl Long Sleeve T-shirt - Flowers

Colour: Organic Girl Red / Pink print.

Swish swish … pretty flowers all around…giggle giggle giggle sounds. Dyed under Global Organic Textile standards in our signature Organic Girl Red. This gorgeous long sleeve T will be available all year round to keep Organic Girl warm while others offer you summer clothes in winter!


Price: $37.27 AUD (excl. GST)